Who We Are

The Norte-Rio-Grandense Foundation of Research and Culture-FUNPEC, is a private nonprofit organization, with financial and administrative autonomy, established by resolution No. 096/1978-CONSUNI/UFRN, and regulated by Federal Law No. 8.958/1994. For more than 37 years, it renders services to society in the form of resource management projects of public or private interest
and supports the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte-UFRN.
The experience in providing services to UFRN and other national and international partners makes Funpec a key player in the State's socio-economic scenario, playing an important role in the development of science, technology, and innovation in the State of Rio Grande do Norte- Brazil.

Funpec works in promoting and sponsoring projects developed by UFRN. It mediates the relationship between the University and various public and private institutions and facilitates academic production and transfer of academic knowledge to society. More than a working as management expert, Funpec identifies knowledge and skills in various academic areas of UFRN that will add value to our partner's initiatives.

Funpec's institutional planning is designed to guide the actions of the Foundation, renewing the organization's identity and establishing a set of strategic goals aligned with your vision of the future: offering quality service to our customers, promoting employees' well-being and creating sustainability for the Foundation.

Using our own methodologies and investing in management technology ensures Funpec has agility and transparency in all work processes, meeting the needs of its customers for managerial skills and supplying administrative and financial structure for projects in the areas of:

• Research & Development;
• Technological Innovation;
•Provision of services/Consultations/Reports by technical experts and production of technical reports;
• Management of agreements, contracts, terms of cooperation, and other terms of Partnership;
• Management of events, courses, and contests.

Among administrative and financial activities are:
• Project design and formatting of budgetary proposals;
• Specialized technical import and exportservices;
• National Procurement;
• Personnel management and accounting of projects;
• Accounting and provision of account in compliance with the legislation;
• Funpec's versatility enables the provision of services to national and international institutions, private and public initiatives of the third sector, with managerial tools and unique specialized consulting personnel. Meanwhile, instructors, professors, researchers, and scientists can focus on their project.

Encourage, support and manage teaching, researching, innovation and cultural development activities, promoting integration between UFRN and the community through partnerships with public and private institutions.


Funpec seeks to be a National reference on Administrative-Financial Management and Funding of projects, raising the quality of delivered services, increasing the degree of satisfaction of engineers and researchers, and building trust in investors.


Ethics; Transparency; Competence; Efficiency; Commitment
Av. Senador Salgado Filho, 3000 - Campus Universitário, Lagoa Nova - Caixa Postal 1540 - CEP: 59078-970
+55 (84) 3092-9200
Horário de funcionamento da Fundação: segunda à sexta das 07h30 às 11h30 e das 13h30 às 17h30.
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